Goat milk soap is renowned for its luxurious experience and skin conditioning properties, making it the soap of choice for anyone who has tried it. At Whitetail Lane Farm in State College, Pennsylvania, they’re producing the highest-quality goat milk soap In varieties including charcoal, almond and coconut.

Jamie Cunningham is the expert goat milk soap crafter at the farm, producing an array of high-quality bar soaps, as well as goat milk lotion. We sat down with Jamie to discuss her goat milk soap, goat milk lotion, and life at Whitetail Lane Farm.
Goats at the goat milk soap farm
What's in your handmade goats milk soap?
We make all of our goat milk soaps completely from scratch, using raw ingredients and recipes that we have created. All soaps are made with oils or fat, liquid and sodium hydroxide (lye). We use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil and Shea Butter in our goat milk soaps. There is over 1 ounce of goat milk in each bar.

Is your goat milk soap really handmade?
Yes, our soap is really handmade by me! Our goat milk soap recipe starts from scratch, using 100% goat milk from our own herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. We don’t use any base recipes. Our all natural goats milk soaps are formulated with a wide variety of natural ingredients reputed for their benefits and are all made using the traditional cold process method.

We start out by getting the milk from the farm’s goats, and then freeze the milk in ice cube trays. Once the lye is dissolved we mix that in with our oils, add the fragrance and colorant and then pour in our molds. The soap logs are un-molded the day after they are made, cut and then placed on our curing rack from 6 weeks. Then they are ready for use.

Do you test your goat milk soap and goat milk lotion on animals?
We do not test any of our products on animals.

Do your soaps contain synthetic detergents?
We do not use any synthetic detergents in our soaps or lotions. There are no preservatives in our soaps, but there are preservatives in our lotions.

Do you make special order goat milk soaps?
We would be happy to tailor our formula to your own specific requests and needs. We do private label goat milk soaps if you are looking for something for your boutique. Email us to discuss what you are looking for.

Do you have any goat milk soap for people allergic to fragrances?
We do have unscented soaps that are great it you are allergic to fragrance, work in a fragrance free work place or just prefer scent free!

Do you have any goat milk soaps for people with sensitive skin?
Goat milk soap is excellent for sensitive skin. We usually suggest people start out with the unscented and then try some of our other scented soaps if the unscented works for you. Most of our customers with sensitive skin like to use our tea tree essential oil soap or our oats milk and honey soap.

What's the size of your soap?
Our regular soap bars are about 4.5 to 5 ounces and our artisan soap bars are about 6.5 ounce.

How long does a bar of your goat milk soap typically last?
Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. By creating an ideal environment, your soaps will last far longer. In best conditions, this soap bar/soap cupcake should last you 50 baths or showers which is about 4 weeks!

What should I do to make my soap last longer?
To make your soap last longer you should let it dry out in between uses. Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. Place it on a soap dish that drains for remove it from your shower area. If left wet you will not get many uses out of it.

How long does your goat milk soap stay fresh?
Our soaps stay fresh for many many years. The longer they cure the better and gentler they are on your skin. They may start to lose their scent after a year.

Can I use your goat milk soap to wash my hair?

Can I Order by Phone?
Sure can, call us at 814-280-6045

Can I Order by Mail?
You can mail order, yes. Call me to place your order and then you can send a check in the mail.

Do you have a catalog?
Our retail catalog is our website, there you can find all of our current inventory. We do have a wholesale paper catalog.

How will my order be shipped?
We ship all our orders USPS

When will my order be shipped?
Orders are usually shipped within 2 days of your order.

Will you ship outside of the USA?
Currently we ship to the US and Canada

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our products being personal use, for safety and hygiene reasons our soaps cannot be restocked or resold so we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Can we use your goat soap pictures on our blog?
Our pictures on our site are for our use, if you would like to use any of our pictures please email us.

Can non-profit groups sell your soap as a fundraiser?
Yes! We do fundraisers, email us for details.

Do you do favors for Weddings or Bridal and Baby Showers?
Yes, we can create customs favors for your events. We have a wide variety of colors and scents to match any theme.

Do you create custom gift baskets?
Yes, we can create custom gift baskets. Email or call us to discuss your needs.

To learn more about all the different goat milk soap varieties available from White Tail Lane Farm, you can view their online goat milk soap catalog, or call them at 814-280-6045.
April 12, 2018 — Gene Yager

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