Here at Whitetail Lane Farm our goats are more like pets than farm animals. They are apart of our family. Each day they are provided with fresh water, hay and some grain. They are also 'free range' on our farm, so they are out eating under brush during the day. They enjoying hanging out with the horses and lounging around the barn. 
Only the finest goats make the best goat milk soap!
The proof is in our product. Every handmade goat milk soap bar is directly from our goats. We are proud of that!
Nigerian Dwarf Goats.. only the best!
In order to produce the best goats milk soap we have to have the best goats to make it. At Whitetail Lane Farm we raise and care for the best Nigerian Dwarf Goats and their kids! All of the goats are raised right here on our farm. Raised with love and affection, these goats have a great life! We make sure of it! Stop on by the farm and say "Hi" to the goats and pick up a bar or two of soap while you are at it!
Nigerian Goat looking  at camera
Nigerian Goat Kids playing
Nigerian Goat making milk for soap
Nigerian Goats standing in barn
Nigerian Goats and kids playing on skid